If there is a small set of rules everyone in any fandom, anywhere, should know about, it is this:

  1. Respect the actors’ private lives and their rights to be with their family and go into public spaces without being mobbed.
  2. Understand the actor is not the character
  3. Sometimes the ship isn’t canon and you will have to accept that. (Do not bring it up to the actors unless they ask, and even then be polite about it.)
  4. Do not
  5. Do not
  6. Do not try and show the actors fanfiction.

“I don’t— I’ve never dated a woman.” The back she finds herself facing now turns, half with curiosity and half with something else Jane can’t distinguish. “I don’t feel like… this. I’ve gotten butterflies for Casey and even wore a dress for Dean, but with you…” Jane takes a step closer towards the woman, swinging back on the balls of her feet. “I don’t think you understand, Maur, how I get around you.” Her voice lowers to that raspy tone, the courage finally running thin as the timidness emerges.

“Then try to make me.” Maura says. It’s free of challenge, judgment and of everything that can possibly hinder Jane.

Dark eyes search the other woman’s before she finally puts her fidgetting hands to work. One buttons down her shirt as the other grabs hold of Maura’s hand. Jane guides it up and presses it flat against her chest. “This,” she says, able to hear the thumping in her ears, “is how I get around you.” (x)